IBM watsonx gen AI Challenge

Connecting academic knowledge and real-life use cases using generative AI

Welcome to the Phoenix AI Cloud – a secure and sovereign cloud environment designed for CPU and GPU-accelerated workloads. Built with the latest enterprise hardware and grounded in open-source technologies, our platform ensures direct access to GPU technologies, AI platforms, and Confidential Computing, safeguarding services against unauthorized access and meeting data privacy requirements.

Connecting academic knowledge and real-life use cases using generative AI

Why kvant

kvant is a Sovereign Swiss Cloud platform ensuring exceptional availability, reliability, scalability, and security. With three availability zones strategically located in the region of Zurich, businesses benefit from a robust infrastructure that guarantees 99.99% uptime and higher. The trusted partner ecosystem further enhances the reliability and security of the platform, while our commitment to data sovereignty and compliance ensures that businesses meet regulatory requirements.

End to End AI Ecosystem

Our promise to Confidential AI

In every layer – from the underlying hardware to the models and data they engage with – our design ensures shielding, default compliance, and secure operations. This approach not only prevents threats but also mitigates legal risks, instilling confidence in customers as we prioritize robust security measures throughout our platform.

Phoenix Confidential AI System

Whether your AI model requires the flexibility of the cloud or the reliability of on-premise systems, IBM Switzerland together with Phoenix Technologies AG have the necessary infrastructure and expertise to amplify your AI capabilities. Today, we are gearing up our capabilities with the development of AI systems and IBM's AI watsonx capabilities based on Openshift to foster AI innovation in the Swiss market.

Christian Keller, General Manager, IBM Switzerland

Christian Keller

General Manager, IBM Switzerland

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Talk to our Phoenix experts about your AI projects

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