Phoenix Partner Program

Shape the way to the Swiss way to cloud.

Phoenix Partner Program

Unlock opportunities with our Partner Program! Join forces with us in the sovereign cloud space. Elevate your business and grow together. Ready to embark on a collaborative journey?

Ecosystem Powered

Designed to foster a collaborative network of technology and service providers, enhancing cloud capabilities with a focus on security, efficiency, and local compliance.

This program invites businesses and innovators to integrate their services into a robust, Swiss-based cloud infrastructure, offering them access to cutting-edge technology, market opportunities, and a community of experts.

The partners are interconnected within the kvant ecosystem, ensuring a smooth "Journey to the Cloud" through strategic movement, optimization, and innovation.

Phoenix Partner Ecosystem

All contributors to the ecosystem are instrumental in delivering a suite of services in the Public and Private Cloud.

Partners are empowered to create unique offerings that stand out in the market, enhancing their competitive edge while also achieving digital autonomy and streamlined operations. The program is designed to yield tangible business outcomes, emphasizing cost savings, differentiation, digital sovereignty, and operational efficiency across government entities and industries like Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Media, Pharma & Lifescience, Research & Education and Web3 & Crypto.

Partner Types

Four Simple steps to become a Phoenix Partner

  1. Fill out the online form.
  2. A partner manager contacts you to discuss details about the Partner Program.
  3. Sign the contract.
  4. Done! Let's accelerate together.
Partner Program Form

Partner Program Form

Fill out the form and our partner manager will contact you to discuss details about the program and your ideas.