Data protection and security

Confidential Computing

Data sovereignty is our top priority. That's why we have developed a cloud-based infrastructure with unsurpassed Swiss data protection and data security – full stack & made in Switzerland.
Reliable data security is still an unsolved problem in many cases today. Because current security technologies can mostly only protect data on disk or during transmission, data leaks during data processing are still commonplace.

The lack of protection of data during processing means that external actors can manipulate or steal data during the process. There is usually no way to check who could see the data and whether it was processed correctly.

We have suitable solutions for this problem In our Hyper-Secure Cloud infrastructure, your data remains encrypted even during processing, while the functionality and integrity of the shielded and encrypted working clusters can be verified from the outside. Our processors issue an appropriate cryptographic certificate for this purpose.

Our high-performance and scalable Hyper-Secure Cloud infrastructures are under the highest Swiss data protection and unsurpassed data security. As a full service provider we offer all services from onboarding to customising and monitoring from a single source. Made in Switzerland.

Safer than ever before 

Advantages at a glance

Data protection & data security
Secure cloud with Swiss data protection for confidential and regulated data.
Everything from one hand
As a total service provider, we offer everything! There is no need to coordinate multiple providers and environments.
Simple rights management
Only authorised users can access allocated data via the blockchain login.
Digital B2B processes
We facilitate compliance and maintain the confidentiality of the market participants involved.

Highest safety infrastructure

Phoenix Systems strategically relies on IBM LinuxOne-computing technology. The high-performance LinuxOne computers used for our customized digital assets and certificates guarantee end-to-end encryption and offer maximum protection against cyber attacks. Our LinuxOne machines also allow us to operate at large scales – holding 2 million containers and managing  850 million encrypted transactions per day.

Private Keys

Security is paramount to us, even when trading cryptocurrencies. Our machines are complemented by hardware security modules (HSM). Our capability allows us generate and store "Private Keys" on a variety of blockchain and DLT protocols, in addition to securely signing transactions. The private key is necessary above all to protect against access by unauthorized persons. We offer the level of security that banks and governments require. This exceptional security is underlined by the FIPS 140-2 Level 4 certification.

Swiss Data Center

We are partnering with the Swiss Datacenter Company Green which ensures maximum physical protection for our infrastructure. To be able to guarantee absolute security when hosting the data, we rely on geo-redundant data centers. This means that the data is stored identically at different locations, by extension; data is available several times over in the event of a malfunction. Another data center is located in Mount10, a scattered multi-site in the impregnable Swiss Alps. It serves as a complete backup of all data present in our main data center. You can't get more secure than this.

The combination of software and hardware from a single source is our unique selling point that generates unparalleled efficiency and security.

Seal of quality

Our infrastructures and processes comply with ISO 27001 and are audited according to ISAE 3402. Our technology is sourced exclusively from certified partners.

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"We have developed an infrastructure with unmatched Swiss data protection and Swiss data security, because data sovereignty is our top priority!"

Stefan Taroni CEO Phoenix Systems
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