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Managed Container Platforms

Container solutions help to implement a lean form of virtualization, offering simple scalability, flexibility, and efficiency for your cloud applications. At Phoenix, we offer three types of Managed Container Services with Red Hat OpenShift, Plain Vanilla Kubernetes and Managed Container Platform on Mainframe. In Addition, customers can decide whether they want a Managed Container service within their own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), or Fully Managed Containerized services option, which offloads the complexity of infrastructure management to kvant.

Managed Container Platforms

Managed Container Platform in Customer VPC or Fully Managed Containerized Services

The kvant Managed Container Platform offers a Managed Kubernetes service within the customer's own VPC, providing them with the advantage of direct control over the Kubernetes environment, enhanced security customization, and compliance with specific corporate or regulatory requirements.

The fully managed containerized services option offloads the complexity of infrastructure management to kvant, including comprehensive management of Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift, supplemented with developer tools and an Enterprise Service Level Agreements (SLAs), thereby allowing customers to concentrate on application development rather than system operations.

Both options leverage the kvant Sovereign Cloud Infrastructure, ensuring high-performance computing resources with CPU/GPU capabilities, but the choice between them allows customers to balance between autonomy in a controlled VPC setting and the convenience of a fully managed service.

Managed Container Platform Options

Key Features

“We're incredibly pleased with the Kubernetes solution provided by Phoenix. Their commitment to excellence and Swiss sovereignty ensures not only exceptional service but also peace of mind knowing our data remains secure on home soil."

Damir Bogdan, Quantum Basel

Damir Bogdan

Quantum Basel

ISO/IEC 27001, ISAE 3402 Type 2 and FINMA-compliant

Our kvant Cloud represents high standards in information security management, financial services auditing, and Swiss financial market regulation, respectively. For customers using Managed Kubernetes, this compliance ensures enhanced data protection, reliable financial reporting, and adherence to stringent financial regulations, providing robust security and operational confidence in a cloud-native environment.

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Share the Swiss way to Cloud together with Phoenix!