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kvant Public Cloud

Unlock the Power of the Swiss Sovereign Cloud: Experience top-tier enterprise-grade CPUs, ultra-fast NVMe storage, and high-performance GPUs. Access the capabilities of IBM AIU and NVIDIA GPUs for advanced AI training, fine-tuning, and inference.

All plans include

Dedicated vCPU

Dedicated IP address

Backup & Snapshots

Load Balancer

Automatic Scaling


Access to Basel and Zurich Cloud Region

4 Availability Zones

Built and operated in Switzerland

Partner Network

Our perspective on successful business partnerships extends beyond a conventional service provider and customer dynamic. We consider our customers as valued partners.

Certifications and Compliance

While our intellectual property is our highest good, we are convinced that transparency and certified processes not only improve data security and confidentiality but build trust within our ecosystem.


We offer fair and transparent pricing. Learn more about our pricing options and your journey to the cloud.

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