Experience the way to Swiss Sovereign Cloud

Experience the way to Swiss Sovereign Cloud

We focus on bringing Swiss organizations an innovative cloud platform with a simplified onboarding process. We are committed to building a cloud for Switzerland, relying on local skills and resources, and prioritizing the principle of confidential computing. The journey to the cloud is a strategic move, and we are here to make it seamless and effective, ensuring Swiss organizations retain control of their mission-critical workloads.

What is a Sovereign Cloud?

Sovereign Cloud describes cloud offerings that are secure in terms of legal space and meet specific requirements for data sovereignty, security, integrity, and provider independence. At Phoenix, we are convinced, that a Swiss Sovereign Cloud is the backbone of a sovereign digital future of Switzerland and crucial to keep organizations resilient and independent.

Data Sovereignty

Keep Control over Data

Data Sovereignty

Data is subject to the laws and governance of the country or region in which it is located or where it is physically stored. It means that the data's location determines which legal and regulatory jurisdictions have authority over it, and these jurisdictions can influence how the data is accessed, managed, and protected. Therefore, organizations need to decide on where they want to proceed and store their data, as this has implications for regulatory compliance, security, and privacy considerations. This is especially relevant for organizations that need to ensure their data follows EU digital sovereignty guidelines.

Technological Sovereignty

Run without Dependence

Technological Sovereignty

Technological sovereignty is a concept that extends the principles of data sovereignty to encompass control and autonomy over the underlying technologies and digital infrastructure used by an organization. It represents the ability to make independent decisions regarding technology choices, development, and management to safeguard interests, security, and digital self-reliance.

Operational Sovereignty

Maintain continuity of Operations

Operational Sovereignty

Operational sovereignty is a concept that pertains to an organization's ability to manage and control its operations, including critical functions and processes, without undue influence or dependence on external entities independently and effectively. It encompasses various aspects of operational independence, self-reliance, and decision-making authority. Operational sovereignty is a fundamental aspect of organizational sovereignty, providing the ability to respond to changing circumstances with agility and independence. It is especially significant in sectors where security, resilience, and the ability to protect critical assets are paramount, such as defense, energy, and healthcare.

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kvant for Healthcare

Enhancing Healthcare and Life Sciences with Swiss Sovereign Cloud Solutions.

kvant for Financial Services

Enabling the financial sector is highly regulated and operates under strict security and compliance requirements.

kvant for Education and Research

Open-source and open-standard Education and Research Enabled with SWITCH Cloud.

kvant for Governments

We enable governments to navigate through the complex cloud and IaaS landscape with autonomy, resilience, and the latest sovereign cloud stack technology.

kvant for Web3 and Crypto

We enable governments to navigate through the complex cloud and IaaS landscape with autonomy, resilience, and the latest technology.

kvant for Media

Helping media companies on their cloud journey with tailored solutions, scalability, and security for seamless digital innovation.

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Phoenix is a Swiss Hyperscaler cloud provider with a highly automated, high compute density infrastructure built on Open Stack. Anchored by a robust ecosystem, Phoenix offers a distinct, home-grown alternative but complementary in a multi-cloud strategy for a growing number of use cases.

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