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Education and Research rely on open standards and open-source licenses granting freedom to promote sharing and collaboration. To be at the forefront of Technology innovation, Drug Discovery, Genomics, Personalized Medicine, and cross-initiative disciplines such as AI and Data Sciences, scientists, students, and professors require secure, compliant, and scalable Cloud services. We recognize the existing challenges and partner with SWITCH to provide the open-source and open-standard SWITCH Cloud, delivering Cloud services to independently study the most pressing initiatives.

Phoenix Education Cloud


Education and Research are data-intensive industries, demanding robust solutions to handle new workloads, ensure Sovereignty, and adhere to stringent Swiss regulations. Sensitive data privacy, AI and ML applications in research, and compliance with evolving rules and regulations pose significant challenges, but also opportunities.

Areas to Explore

The Swiss Sovereign Cloud for Education and Research

Built on enterprise-grade hardware and without compromising security or scalability, Phoenix offers the most modern and cost-effective cloud from Switzerland.

The Swiss Sovereign Cloud for Education and Research

What we offer

Open Standards and Open-Source

Education and Research rely on sharing and collaborating on the latest datasets, software, and algorithms. Open-source licensing enables these collaborations by granting the rights to use, examine, modify, and distribute software.

Hybrid Solutions

Ensure a smooth migration to the cloud with our hybrid solutions. Extend your legacy infrastructures with our Hosted Private Cloud to increase your agility and keep your business operating costs under control.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML are revolutionizing cloud computing. By harnessing the vast computational power and scalability of the cloud, AI and ML models can process massive datasets, enabling valuable insights and predictions. We offer scalable, high-performance GPU clusters based on Nvidia and IBM technologies, enabling researchers to process and analyze data efficiently, accelerating discoveries in Education and Research.


Our services are designed to facilitate compliance with ISO 27001, ISAE 3402 Type 2, and FINMA circular 2018/3, reducing the burden on educational organizations.


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