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Experience the power of a secure and sovereign cloud environment designed for both general purpose and GPU-accelerated workloads. Our cutting-edge infrastructure, featuring the latest enterprise hardware and open-source technologies, ensures performance and data protection. With direct access to GPU resources, AI platforms, and Confidential Computing, we provide services that are immune to foreign control and fully compliant with stringent data protection regulations.

Phoenix AI Cloud

Unlock the Future of AI with our AI Cloud. Our kvant Cloud Platform offers a secure and sovereign cloud environment built for general purpose and GPU-accelerated workloads designed with the latest enterprise hardware and built on open-source technologies.

kvant AI Cloud

AI Unit

A tailored, high-performance computing module designed to handle complex AI workloads.

- Virtual machines including AI stack

- Optimized Hardware (CPU & GPU)

- Scalable Configurations

- Fast connectivity

AI Services

Pre-built solutions providing access to AI functionalities without time-consuming development needs.

- Selected AI platforms

- User-friendly interfaces

- Broad spectrum of capabilities

- Cloud-based accessibility

AI Data Services

Comprehensive data management and analytics services to support end-to-end AI applications.

- Scalable data storage

- Operational Data Layer

- Curated AI databases

- Key Management Services

Whether your AI model requires the flexibility of the cloud or the reliability of on-premise systems, IBM Switzerland together with Phoenix Technologies AG have the necessary infrastructure and expertise to amplify your AI capabilities.

Today, we are gearing up our capabilities with the development of AI systems and IBM's AI watsonx capabilities based on Openshift to foster AI innovation in the Swiss market.

Christian Keller, General Manager, IBM Switzerland

Christian Keller

General Manager, IBM Switzerland

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