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In light of the recent news that Broadcom is ending VMware's perpetual license sales, it's time to look towards new horizons in cloud computing. kvant Cloud Platforms offers a world of flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiency, making it a smart choice for those seeking an alternative to the changing VMware landscape. Embrace the future of cloud technology with kvant and unlock a realm of possibilities!

Addressing the Urgent Need for VMWare Migration in Today's Changing Landscape

Why migrate

The recent strategic shifts by Broadcom, including significant price hikes and the abrupt termination of contracts with VMware partners, have placed many businesses in a challenging position. These changes have not only escalated operational costs but also cast uncertainty over the future of existing VMware environments. This scenario has made migration from VMware an urgent necessity rather than a strategic choice for businesses across various industries.

Migrating away from VMware in this context is not just about finding an alternative; it's about securing a cloud solution that offers stability, predictability in pricing, and alignment with long-term business goals. Swiss Sovereign Cloud Provider steps in as the ideal partner in this journey. Our VMware migration process is designed to address these specific challenges, offering a seamless transition away from the turbulence caused by Broadcom's decisions.

The transition to the kvant Cloud Platform means embracing a solution that respects your need for cost-effectiveness, without compromising on quality or performance. In a time when reliability and financial predictability are more important than ever, choosing a migration path that safeguards your business interests while ensuring technological advancement is crucial.

Cost Analysis

Save More, Achieve More with kvant

Cost Analysis

With kvant, we offer the most modern and cost-effective cloud in Switzerland. With no licensing fees and a vibrant community-driven development, our open source based solution provides flexibility, scalability, and adaptability, fostering a more economical and sustainable approach to cloud infrastructure management.

Sovereign Cloud

Unlock a strategic advantage

Sovereign Cloud

In a world where data sovereignty and security are paramount, the Sovereign Cloud stands out as a superior solution compared to traditional VMware cloud solutions. For Phoenix, sovereign Cloud describes cloud offerings that are secure in terms of legal space and meet specific requirements for data sovereignty, security, integrity, and provider independence. At Phoenix, we are convinced, that a Swiss Sovereign Cloud is the backbone of a sovereign digital future of Switzerland and crucial to keep organizations resilient and independent.

Data Sovereignty

Data is subject to the laws and governance of the country or region in which it is located or where it is physically stored. It means that the data's location determines which legal and regulatory jurisdictions have authority over it, and these jurisdictions can influence how the data is accessed, managed, and protected. Therefore, organizations need to decide on where they want to proceed and store their data, as this has implications for regulatory compliance, security, and privacy considerations.

Technological Sovereignty

Technological sovereignty is a concept that extends the principles of data sovereignty to encompass control and autonomy over the underlying technologies and digital infrastructure used by an organization. It represents the ability to make independent decisions regarding technology choices, development, and management to safeguard interests, security, and digital self-reliance.

Operational Sovereignty

Operational sovereignty is a concept that pertains to an organization's ability to manage and control its operations, including critical functions and processes, without undue influence or dependence on external entities independently and effectively. It encompasses various aspects of operational independence, self-reliance, and decision-making authority. Operational sovereignty is a fundamental aspect of organizational sovereignty, providing the ability to respond to changing circumstances with agility and independence.

Step-by-Step VMware Migration Process

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If you're considering transitioning from VMware to kvant, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way.