Hi cloud!

CHF149.00 / month and a CHF4,950.00 sign-up fee


Cloud services for big data applications, hosted on swiss infrastructure. Highest standards in security, reliability, and performance apply. With Hi, Cloud Big Data we support the digitization of your company, accelerate your workflows, automate your processes and increase your innovative power with knowledge archives, machine learning and simplification on all levels.

  • Our experts analyze your needs with you
  • Create prototypes
  • Present the possibilities and define the road map with you
  • The Hi, Cloud Big Data Systems are “Ready to use”

* The sign-up Fee includes 16h for the migration of the domain(s), the initiation of all the necessary office 365 connectors, migration of the DNS Server & Domain Registrar. It’s also including an initial introduction of 4h for the Hi, cloud! to manage the Cloud Service.

Inclusive Domain Registration, DNS Management & 10GB SSD Space per Domain, 1 Gbps Internet Connectivity (Fair use)

The number of Users who need’s access to the Platform. The System requires a 2FA Login.

The number of Users who need’s access to Office 365. Includes a Office 365 Business Premium License per User