Starting in 2007 Thomas Taroni and his team have been developing intelligent IT architectures without equal: the architectures are completely modular, extremely efficient and fully aligned to clients’ needs.

Project Management

With modern technologies for data management, system integration and artificial intelligence we shape the digital transformation in your company.


Basics of digitization: Big Data, automation, real-time systems, and search solutions. We analyze and combine with you.

Software Development

We develop individual software solutions with well thought-out concepts for the digitalization of your business processes.

Technology Highlights
  • Microservice architectures for a powerful and robust service landscape
  • Big Data, Semantic analytics
  • Process Automation
  • IoT & Real-time Systems
  • Blockchain development
  • UI-Development: React & Redux, jQuery
  • Java, .NET

The digitalization of business processes saves time and money, that is undeniable. Individual software, like a tailor-made suit, requires a higher investment. But in return it fits like a glove and even grows with it with small adjustments. This type of software, with competent advice and simple training procedures, enables a fast and largely smooth implementation.


Innovative companies need modern software tailored to their needs to implement their ideas. Requirements that cannot be reached with standardized software, we can meet with our individual software solutions.


We develop customized solutions with modern tools and achieve best results regarding maintainability, scalability and expandability of the solutions.

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Thomas Taroni

CEO, Senior Software Architect
+41 44 500 86 41

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Specialist for individual software development

Our aim is to tailor all our services according to your unique business setup with a highly efficient modular system of containerized software.