Managed Container Platforms

Managed Container Platform on Mainframe

A unique offering that blends modern container technology with the reliability of traditional systems, kvant introduces a Managed Container Platform optimized for the IBM Mainframe environment. Experience the unparalleled reliability and security of IBM Mainframe systems while leveraging the agility of containerized applications. This special offering combines kvant's sovereign cloud benefits with the mainframe's robust processing power, facilitating seamless integration of new and legacy workloads within a single, managed container platform. It's a fusion of the best in cutting-edge orchestration technology and time-tested mainframe performance, tailored for enterprises that demand the highest standards of operational excellence and data sovereignty.

Choose from our Two Distinct Deployment Options

Choose a straightforward Kubernetes setup for a lightweight, flexible container orchestration solution, allowing you to leverage the open-source ecosystem and avoid vendor lock-in or opt in for a fully-integrated Red Hat OpenShift Platform, which includes additional security features, built-in monitoring, and a comprehensive suite of developer tools for a more robust container management experience.

Key Features

Mainframe Container Cloud in the kvant Zurich Region

Deploy on two LinuxONE 4 servers across two availability zones for unmatched redundancy and failover capabilities, ensuring your applications remain online, even in the event of a data center disruption.

AI-Optimized Processing Power

Integrating Kubernetes on the mainframe with kvant's Managed Container Platform now includes specialized support for AI workloads, leveraging the LinuxONE 4's exceptional processing capabilities with IBM Integrated Accelerator for AI.

Streamlined Management with Ansible

Integrate Ansible for simplified management and automated orchestration of container environments, enhancing operational efficiencies and reducing manual overhead.

Scalable Container Workloads

Leverage the mainframe's capacity to scale vertically, allowing you to run large-scale container workloads efficiently, without the sprawl associated with distributed server environments.

Mainframe-Level Reliability:

Benefit from the mainframe's legendary reliability and system uptime, providing a stable foundation for your most critical business applications.

Enhanced Security with EAL5+ Certification

Utilize systems with an Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) of 5+, providing high-grade security features that protect sensitive transactions and data against both internal and external threats.

Seamless Legacy Integration

Modernize your legacy applications by containerizing them on the mainframe, facilitating a smooth transition to the cloud without sacrificing performance or security.

Sustainable Computing

Take advantage of the mainframe's optimized resource utilization, providing cost savings and improved environmental footprint through reduced energy consumption.

Business Continuity Assurance

Count on the robust disaster recovery and business continuity plans inherent in mainframe operations, combined with kvant's sovereign cloud infrastructure, to protect your enterprise's operational integrity.

Contact us to learn more about our unique Managed Container Platform on Mainframe

Contact us to learn more about our unique Managed Container Platform on Mainframe