Why Phoenix

More than just another Swiss Hyperscaler Cloud.

The Swiss Sovereign Cloud by Phoenix, with its two cloud regions and four availability zones in Basel and Zurich, will enable organizations across all industries, government entities, and the ecosystem that drives the Swiss economy, to securely store sensitive data and execute critical workloads.

This infrastructure, focused on both critical workloads and AI platforms, will be operated and supported exclusively by employees who are residents of Switzerland, ensuring compliance with local data protection and privacy laws. The strategic placement of cloud regions in Basel and Zurich underscores a commitment to regional data security and operational reliability within Switzerland.

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Our Swiss Sovereign Cloud Approach

Challenges on your Journey to the Cloud

The current cloud market presents significant gaps in data sovereignty and compliance. While public cloud providers offer global reach, they struggle to meet the regulatory requirements of specific regions or industries. This raises concerns regarding data privacy, security, and adherence to local regulations.

Worry-Free Regulatory Compliance

Organizations across diverse sectors manage substantial volumes of sensitive data. Prioritizing data security and compliance is crucial for safeguarding confidential information. Cloud service providers are required to implement strong security protocols and comprehensive compliance features to meet the stringent demands of various industries.

Cost Predictability

Cost predictability poses another challenge as public cloud providers employ complex pricing models with hidden costs. This lack of transparency makes it difficult for businesses to accurately forecast and control their cloud expenditure, hindering financial planning and cost optimization efforts.

Portability and Flexibility

Moreover, the limited portability of applications and services across different cloud environments poses another obstacle. Not following the basic principles of a Sovereign Cloud, businesses encounter difficulties in seamlessly migrating or integrating their applications across various cloud providers. This lack of portability restricts flexibility and hinders scalability.

Support and Service

Additionally, support and personalized attention from public cloud providers often fall short. With a large customer base, personalized support becomes challenging, resulting in delayed responses, generic solutions, and a lack of proactive guidance.

Our Swiss Sovereign Cloud Approach

Start your journey to the cloud with Phoenix

How can Swiss organizations leverage the growing prevalence of cloud platforms dominated by Big Tech for their mission-critical workloads while maintaining cost-effectiveness, complying with up-to-date security measures, and respecting governance?

We focus on bringing you an innovative cloud platform and simplifying the onboarding process. We are committed to building a cloud for Switzerland, relying on local skills and resources, and prioritizing the principle of confidential computing. The journey to the cloud is a strategic move, and we are here to make it seamless and effective, ensuring you retain control of your mission-critical workloads.

Swiss Heritage

By combining a robust Swiss shareholder structure with pioneering innovation and braveness, Phoenix is managed by skilled experts, reflecting Switzerland's tradition of precision and forward-thinking craftsmanship. All data and applications are 100% located and managed in Switzerland.

Expert Service Levels

At Phoenix we offer expert service levels in managed services explicitly tailored to the banking, government, and healthcare sectors. With kvant, we employ Terraform and Ansible best practices to meet industry-specific compliance, security, and operational needs.

Cost Predictability

We use enterprise-grade hardware, ensuring the right workload runs on the right hardware, maximizing efficiency and performance. Our open-source approach eliminates unnecessary licenses so businesses can benefit from a cost-effective solution without hidden costs. Through efficient resource management, we empower businesses to contribute to a sustainable future while meeting their needs.

Our Values

At Phoenix, our values are the cornerstone of everything we do. They guide our actions, decisions, and interactions with each other, customers, and community. Our values define who we are as a company and are essential for fostering trust, collaboration, and success in everything we want to achieve.

Trusted and Sovereign

Our Attitude

Trusted and Sovereign

Self-responsible and self-determined thinking and acting are central to our work. In this way, we create the basis for a trusting relationship through absolute transparency.

Customer Centricity

Our Behavior

Customer Centricity

At the heart of our operations, we prioritize our customer’s needs. We take the time to carefully understand the requirements and offer customized solutions that are perfectly tailored to the goals of our clients.

Innovation Driven

Our Ambition

Innovation Driven

Fueled by our commitment to technological leadership, we drive digital transformation for Swiss organizations. We foster a culture of continuous learning and skill development together with likeminded people to achieve our vision.

Introducing kvant

Discover our innovative cloud platform and explore the benefits of a Virtual Private Cloud. We value your input and welcome the opportunity to learn more about your specific challenges and how kvant can address them effectively.

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