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The Swiss Sovereign Government Cloud Approach

The shift to cloud infrastructure for governments and authorities is both essential and challenging. At Phoenix, we understand the unique demands faced by governmental bodies during this transition. Navigating stringent data protection regulations, fortifying against cyber threats, and ensuring seamless integration pose significant hurdles. We specialize in developing and managing every facet of the Swiss Sovereign Cloud, offering a secure, compliant, and scalable platform.

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Transitioning to cloud-based data storage, navigating stringent data protection laws, ensuring security, and adapting to a new operational paradigm are key challenges for governments and public authorities. Skill gaps, financial considerations, and interoperability issues add complexity, but successful adoption promises efficiency gains, scalability, and collaboration opportunities, requiring a strategic approach.

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Protecting sensitive data is crucial for governments and authorities. We provide state-of-the-art security measures, including confidential computing, encryption at rest, in flight, and in use, identity management, and secure access controls, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data.


We ensure that your data is safeguarded at the highest level. With our sovereign cloud solution, we offer data-, technological- and operational sovereignty, backed up by three data centers strategically located in the region of Zurich and one data center in the region of Basel.

Hybrid Solutions

Ensure a smooth migration to the cloud with our hybrid solutions. Extend your legacy infrastructures with our Hosted Private Cloud to increase your agility and keep your operating costs under control.


Our services are designed to facilitate compliance with ISO 27001, ISAE 3402 Type 2, reducing the burden on government organizations and authorities.

Cloud Strategy Bund

Cloud Tier Model

The Swiss government is pursuing a hybrid multi-cloud strategy, continuing to rely primarily on its own data centres and services from federally owned private clouds. These are complemented by public cloud services, which are obtained from a number of public cloud providers.

The federal government's ‘Public Clouds Bund’ project provides its administrative units with the possibility of obtaining public cloud services if required. The decision as to whether an application runs in a private or public cloud rests with the departments. However, the DTI Sector does provide recommendations and tools.

Federal Administration's Cloud Tier Model

The Swiss Sovereign Cloud for Government

With kvant, Phoenix is is ready to answer the questions arise regarding a Swiss Government Cloud. We can offer a sovereign and federally owend private cloud from Switzerland for Switzerland to provide a North star for the journey to the Cloud in a secure and compliant way.

The Swiss Sovereign Cloud for Government
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