Mainframe Modernization

Successful mainframe modernization requires careful planning, collaboration between IT and business stakeholders, and a commitment to addressing these challenges effectively. Organizations may choose different modernization strategies, such as rehosting, rewriting, or replacing legacy systems, based on their unique needs and constraints.

Challenges of Mainframe Modernization

Legacy System Complexity

Mainframe systems are often highly complex and have evolved over decades. Understanding and documenting the existing system's functionality, dependencies, and business logic can be a daunting task.

Legacy Codebase

Modernizing legacy codebases poses significant challenges. Systems developed over years may lack documentation and conform to outdated standards. Unraveling the intricacies, deciphering dependencies, and aligning with contemporary technologies become formidable tasks in the journey of mainframe modernization.

Data Migration

Transferring vast amounts of information while preserving integrity and functionality demands meticulous planning. Legacy formats, diverse databases, and data dependencies further compound the complexity, making data migration a pivotal challenge in the modernization process.

Old Skills

The original code writers of mainframe software are aging out and retiring. And their skillset is no longer being taught to the next generation of engineers and code writers. New and innovative technologies are taking the place of outdated ones, and your mainframe will no longer be sustainably serviceable if it does not keep up with the changing technology.

Cost Management

Balancing the expenses associated with legacy systems, migration efforts, and adopting modern technologies requires strategic planning to ensure a cost-effective transition without compromising performance or functionality.

Performance Optimization

Achieving optimal performance is a central challenge in mainframe modernization. Legacy systems may struggle to meet the speed and efficiency demands of modern computing. Balancing the need for enhanced performance with the intricacies of existing architecture is a critical aspect of successful modernization efforts.

kvant Cloud Platform

Built on enterprise-grade hardware, kvant is a highly automated, efficient, and sustainable Cloud solution, ensuring control over mission-critical workloads. Rooted in the principles of open-source and entirely Swiss - from data center to application - kvant ensures scalability, flexibility, and unparalleled security.

kvant Cloud Platform

Mainframe Modernization with kvant

Reduce Operating Costs

kvant offers a cost-effective solution for mainframe modernization. By streamlining operations, reducing hardware and maintenance costs, and optimizing resource utilization, kvant ensures that companies achieve maximum efficiency within budget constraints.

Manage Modernization

Break up and manage your complete migration with infrastructure, software, and tools to refactor and transform legacy applications. kvant seamlessly integrates with existing legacy systems, allowing companies to embark on a phased transition to modernization. This approach minimizes disruption, protects past investments, and ensures a smooth evolution towards a future-ready IT landscape.

Operate at Scale

kvant ensures seamless scalability, allowing companies to effortlessly adjust resources and capacity as business demands evolve. Whether handling increased workloads or scaling down during quieter periods, with kvant you can optimize resource allocation.

Stay Flexible

Designed to prioritize flexibility, kvant empowers companies to customize solutions to changing business requirements. Whether adapting to new workflows, technologies, or industry trends, kvant facilitates a responsive and adaptable modernization journey.

Stay Competitive

With rapidly improving applications and technologies, the only way to stay competitive is with a system that is easily updated and integrated. With kvant you can constantly adapt to new trends and have a competitive advantage towards you competitors.


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