Run Mission Critical Applications

Mission-critical workloads encompass essential IT applications directly tied to an organization's core functions. Examples include financial transaction systems, customer-facing applications, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. These systems are vital for seamless operations, financial integrity, and customer satisfaction, making their reliability of utmost importance.

Challenges of Mission Critical Workloads

Revenue loss due to halted transactions or inaccessible services

Mission-critical workloads face the constant threat of revenue loss when transactions are halted, or services become inaccessible. These disruptions can result in significant
financial setbacks, making uninterrupted operations vital for financial stability.

Damage to the organization's reputation and customer trust

Additionally, mission-critical processes are closely tied to an organization's reputation and customer trust. Any compromise in these operations can tarnish the
organization's image, leading to a loss of trust from customers and stakeholders.

Regulatory non-compliance, leading to penalties or legal issues

Ensuring compliance with regulations is paramount within mission-critical operations. Regulatory non-compliance can result in penalties and legal complications, emphasizing the need for meticulous adherence to established rules and standards.

Disruptions to supply chain or manufacturing processes

Supply chain and manufacturing disruptions have a domino effect on mission-critical workflows, causing delays and inefficiencies that can harm an organization's overall performance.

Decreased productivity and increased operational costs

Lastly, mission-critical workloads are susceptible to decreased productivity, often accompanied by increased operational costs. Balancing productivity and cost-effectiveness is crucial to maintaining the health and sustainability of these essential processes.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Maintaining business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities is a challenge. Organizations must ensure that data and services remain accessible and recoverable during and after the transition.

kvant Cloud Platform

Built on enterprise-grade hardware, kvant is a highly automated, efficient, and sustainable solution, ensuring control over mission-critical workloads. Rooted in open-source and entirely Swiss principles - from data center to application - kvant ensures scalability, flexibility, and unparalleled security.

Besides utilizing infrastructure-as-code principles to reduce deployment times significantly, kvant provides a unified developer experience. On top of delivering confidential computing as a standard, kvant ensures cost-effective use of resources while aligning its services to the customer's business model.

Building upon two distinct deployment options, customers can either select from three availability zones in the Zurich region or opt for a kvant Private Region within the customer's own data center.

kvant Cloud Platform

Running mission-critical workloads on banking-grade hardware

Running mission-critical workloads demands the utmost reliability and security, and IBM leads the charge with its cutting-edge solutions.

IBM LinuxONE offers a resilient platform for the most demanding applications, boasting unparalleled uptime and data integrity. Coupled with IBM Hyperprotect, organizations benefit from advanced encryption and data privacy, safeguarding sensitive information against threats.

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) further fortify the infrastructure, ensuring cryptographic critical protection and enhancing compliance. AMD SEV (Secure Encrypted Virtualization) elevates security by isolating virtual machines and minimizing potential vulnerabilities.

These technologies empower organizations to confidently handle mission-critical workloads, assuring them of uninterrupted operations, robust data protection, and the peace of mind that comes with IBM's industry-leading expertise in enterprise-grade solutions.


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